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Customizable payment options

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StitcherAds supports all payment services including:

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Don’t worry about additional data — StitcherAds automatically calculates payment info from the current lowest price including sale price.

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StitcherAds supports all payment services including:

StitcherAds Creative Suite

Build rules to calculate payment options for every product.

Set up installment payments with a few clicks using StitcherAds Smart Layer calculations.

Use rules and logic to apply installment options only when the price is over a minimum and limit by brand or category.

Case Studies

57% Improvement in CTR

36% Increase in ROAS

Freebird by Steven, a brand of the Steve Madden Company, relied on StitcherAds creative solutions to enhance product images in Facebook and Instagram campaigns that drove increased CTR and ROAS.

12% Increase in AOV

15% Improvement in ROAS

8% overall increase in conversion rate

A sporting goods retailer saw 45% of all their sales take advantage of Afterpay installment payments over the holiday season. Utilizing StitcherAds Creative Suite to add the Afterpay logo and calculated payments they saw increases in AOV, ROAS and conversion rates.