How long is the free trial?

The free trial lasts for 14 days, after which you can easily select a package to suit your needs. Check out these instructions on how to start. If you do not select a package the account is automatically closed after the trial and you will no longer have access or incur a charge unless you subscribe.

How do I accept the Facebook TOS?

When using StitcherAds for the first time, you may need to accept a few of Facebook’s Terms of Service in order to take full advantage of our platform. Most features in StitcherAds will be disabled if Facebook’s ToS are not accepted. Learn more here.

How do I add StitcherAds to my Facebook Fan Page using Business Manager?

Go to:

  • Click Settings
  • Go to Pages
  • Find the fan page you wish to give access.
  • Click Assign Agency then enter 638625946236073 as the Business ID then assign the permissions you wish to grant.

How do I add a new user to our StitcherAds account?

Once logged in to StitcherAds:

  • Navigate to Settings>Account Management on the top right hand side of the screen:
  • Click on “Add New User”
  • Enter the email address of the new user
  • Click “Send Invite”

Why am I being asked to grant permission to access my Facebook Ads account?

Without permission to access your Facebook ads account, you will not be able to create new ads or view performance of previous campaigns in StitcherAds.

The Facebook permissions we require are:

  • manage_pages
  • ads_management
  • publish_stream

Facebook includes the following permissions by default:

  • public_profile
  • email
  • user_friends

You can adjust your own privacy settings to manage basic privacy preferences. You canremove permission at anytime from your Facebook account settings but StitcherAds will no longer work for you.

How can I test my Facebook Web Custom Audience (WCA) and Conversion Pixels?

Once WCA and conversion pixels have been added to your website, you should validate that they are present and correctly sending data back to Facebook.

You can validate that they are installed and firing from different pages by installing theFacebook Pixel Plugin for the Google Chrome browser. The plugin will tell you what pixels are on each page and if they are working correctly.

Once you have created your first ad you should also check your Dashboard to validate that:

– You are getting results reported for conversions (e.g., Checkouts and Registrations)

– That ads and campaigns are reporting revenue. If you are seeing checkout conversions but not seeing revenue, then you will need to report this to your developers.

– You can visit the Audience section to validate that your Website Custom Audiences are being populated by looking at the “Reaching” figure for each. If all your audiences are reporting 20 or less, then there’s a issue with your Web Custom Audience pixel and you should report this to your developers.

What are dynamic product ads?

Dynamic product ads are always-on advertising for direct response marketing—connect the right products to the right person at the right time, at scale and across devices. Dynamic product ads simplify the process and allow marketers to create more ads in less time directly from the product feed. Learn more about dynamic product ads.

Is it possible to create Multi-Product Ads with re-targeting, as well as normal Multi-Product Ads (without re-targeting)?

Yes, this is possible. You can use all the same audiences to create an MPA campaign as you would to create a Product Ad campaign. This means that you can use your Web Custom audiences to retarget people who have visited or taken an action on your site by showing them an MPA. You can also use your Custom Data audiences and your LAL audiences to create MPA campaigns

Is it possible to re-target across devices?

Yes. Unlike some of our competitors we are able to retarget on the news feed across all devices.

What is accelerated delivery of ads?

Accelerated delivery is intended to spend your daily budget as soon as possible. Accelerated delivery removes all pacing adjustments from your bid as your ad enters the auction. For example, your ad will be entered into all eligible auctions at its full maximum bid. This will likely result in delivery that is not smooth throughout the day, and it is possible that the AdSet’s budget will be exhausted before the end of the day.