Declan Kennedy

Declan Kennedy


• Seasoned technology entrepreneur
• Corporate finance background
• Pioneer within the social ecosystem
Richard Delevan

Richard Delevan


Leader and strategist with more than 20 years’ experience in a variety of leadership roles with technology and media/communications firms, from global brands and Fortune 500 corporates to tech startups and SMEs. He first began advising businesses on how to best use social technologies in 2005.

Conor Ryan

Conor Ryan

Co-founder & Head of US

• 18 years in software startups and R&D
• 7 years leading innovation for brands on Facebook
• Leadership roles in sales, product & customer success
Andy Redfearn

Andy Redfearn

Head of Product

A dynamic and flexible management professional with experience of developing, implementing and managing digital solutions across multiple verticals including fashion, entertainment, financial services, pharmaceuticals and the public sector.

John Stacey

John Stacey

Head of Development

Over 15 years experience in working in and leading software projects and teams. Runs a team of crack developers who consistently deliver rock solid solutions, on time, against insane deadlines.


Alex Judge

VP Client Success & Services

• 7 years running media on Facebook
• Expert in strategy, optimization and performance delivery
• Previous roles in Marin, LIN Digital, uShip, OtherInbox

David Parfect

VP North America

• 15 years media experience in the US & UK
• 7 year Facebook sales leadership roles
• Previous roles in Pandora, 24/7 Real Media, The Search Works, Camelot Communications

Gillian Hughes


•15 years experience in mobile, social, and online entertainment
•5 years EMEA leadership at Facebook
•Previous roles in Facebook, WWE, mBlox, PrimeCarrier, Logica

Samantha Deese

Head of Marketing

•5 years experience in product marketing
•Expertise in product communications, sales enablement, and digital marketing
•Previous roles at Shopgate, Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s, eclipse advertising