The Best Social Creative Technology on the Market

Build on-brand, dynamic and personalized creative at scale through our industry-leading creative development suite. The StitcherAds platform empowers creatives to work on an intuitive workflow and integrate their native design assets with contextually relevant dynamic elements such as message overlays, payment terms, sale information, star ratings and more.

Enhanced Dynamic Ads

Deliver Enhanced Dynamic Ads across your retargeting and prospecting campaigns to turn your product catalog into thousands of relevant, on-brand creatives instantly or transform larger brand campaigns into tappable, mobile-first assets.

Enhanced Dynamic Ads give you the flexibility to drive high ROAS by dynamically building ads that can be used to drive performance for DPA or DABA campaigns.

Digital Circular

Build smarter catalog-driven ads by dynamically updating your local inventory, imagery, pricing and promotions, in real-time for your Digital Circular campaigns.

Enhance your Digital Circular with engaging creative overlays and custom product sets that drive foot traffic and deliver new, relevant audiences to your business.