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We calculate our monthly fee based on level of spend and level of service. That means, your fee is directly linked to how much you use our platform, and how much we help you use it. Our minimum monthly fee is $2,500 for self-serve and $10,000 for managed service, regardless of the amount spent.

For clients or partners interested in our Digital Circular solutions for Facebook & Instagram, please contact us for accurate pricing. This offering is priced separately. 

For more information, check out our Terms of Service.


Minimum term for managed service is 3 months, within an annual contract. This ensures time for setup, strategy implementation, and transition to a hybrid or self-serve plan.

We don't buy media. While we offer managed service, we aren't an agency. Our service offering is structured to enable success with our first-class ad technology. Unlike media buys, you'll have 100% transparency into your results, with the same access to our software and reporting that we have.