Smarter online advertising
for all-channel results

Build powerful Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat ads with a solution built to sell.

Simplified campaign management, amplified personalization

Automation allows you to build, test, optimize, and personalize campaigns with minimal effort and big results. Delight your customers by delivering ads matched to their specific product interests, buying preferences, location, and more.

  • Automated ads for brand and performance
  • Personalize ads based on customer behaviors
  • Rule-based optimizations and campaign management
  • Structured split, multivariate and lift testing

“Facebook & Instagram are big revenue drivers for us. StitcherAds has helped us increase ROI across both channels, while significantly decreasing cost per conversion compared to other sales campaigns.”

Ozlem Gencay
Media Manager

Unified data for smarter ads

Power your ads with your own data. Remove barriers to automation with flexible product feed solutions. Combine insights from online and in-store behaviors, product insights, and creative results to deliver a unified experience for your customers.

  • Securely upload, cleanse, and optimize offline data
  • Fix and amplify your product feed
  • Optimize for foot traffic and in-store revenue
  • Localize your ads and offers at scale

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“Better understanding our customers’ behavior across the board means we no longer treat in-store and online separately—and Facebook is helping drive this transformation.”

Shaheer Usmani
Omni Marketing Manager

Scalable, full-funnel creative solutions

Turn your product catalog into thousands of relevant, on-brand creatives instantly or transform larger brand campaigns into tappable, mobile-first assets. Set campaigns to prioritize high-performing creatives and learn which ads catch attention and drive performance.

  • Automated, personalized images and video
  • Localized, rotating digital circulars
  • Creative testing and insights
  • Data-driven creative services

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“From working with StitcherAds we have been able to access additional features beyond the capabilities of Facebook’s own business manager. One of the key benefits has been the ability to participate in alpha test features through the platform which other FMP’s aren’t able to access.”

Andrew Merritt
Online Marketing Manager

Accurate measurement, customizable reporting

Put trust back in your reporting. Define your metrics and attribution model with the same custom formulas your team construct manually. Integrate third-party tracking partners to use your source of truth. Save dashboard views and automate reports straight to your inbox.

  • Save views in a visual reporting dashboard
  • Choose from thousands of KPIs or create your own metrics
  • Integrate third-party tracking and visualization software
  • Automated, custom reports via email

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