What better Facebook marketing looks like.

increase in sales for both retargeting & prospecting
increase in performace with sustained reach and scale
increase in time saved in StitcherAds vs. competitors

Customized, Mistake-Free Setup

Connect your product feed to our feed mapping tool to easily correct errors and add custom elements. Get out of spreadsheet hell, and build a customized foundation to unlock dynamic opportunities and drive performance.

Automated Prospecting and Retargeting

Grow your customer base with automated ads targeting audiences optimized for the best user and product matches. Retarget and convert website and in-store traffic with ads based on customers’ behavioral cues.

Time-Saving Workflow Automation

Reduce manual tasks in the campaign creation process. Save product sets, audiences, creative, and messaging for reuse. Bulk edit bids, budgets, targeting, and creative post launch. Single click for A/B testing. Double click for multivariate testing.

Scalable, Dynamic Creative

Use either ready-to-use or customizable dynamic templates to create millions of new creatives instantly. Overlay branding, product, or pricing details that increase ad engagement and conversions.

Product Feeds with Video and UGC

Add alternate product images, user-generated content, or product video into your Facebook product feed to automate and test creative and determine what sells best.

Eye-catching Video From Static Images

Convert static images into dynamic video. Add sequential product details, creative elements, or alternate images to make a static image stand out in a crowded feed.

Industry-Focused Ad Formats

Industry-focused ad formats better address advertiser needs. Our vertical focus allows us to innovate quickly and build targeted solutions that perform against industry-specific goals.

Smart, Automated Campaign Optimization

Define your own rules to trigger automated actions. Increase bid for strong ROAS, when there’s available budget. Rotate creative after 2 weeks to minimize ad fatigue. There’s over 15 million possible rules to fully automate your campaign management.

Data-Fueled Personalization

Get better user-to-product matches by utilizing and optimizing your vast customer data, and pairing products based on top-sellers, seasonality, inventory, or even margin.

Structured Multivariate, Split, and Lift Testing

Know what works and what doesn’t. Select variables for automated multivariate testing. Split your audience to see what factors affect performance. Perform lift tests to determine the true impact Facebook ads have on your bottom line.

Flexible Dashboard with Actionable Insights

Visualize your results with the metrics that actually matter. Choose from hundreds of KPIs based on online & in-store actions. Filter campaigns to build focused reports you can share with your team.

Accurate, Third-Party Tracking

Integrate your third-party tracking to get reliable results from your Facebook advertising. Get real-time results from Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics (Omniture), or Double Click right in the StitcherAds dashboard.

Customizable Metrics and Attribution Models

Pull custom metrics out of the spreadsheet and into your dashboard. Define and save metric formulas. Use weighted, omnichannel attribution models. Avoid raw data downloads requiring effort before insight.

Omnichannel Data Integrations

Securely upload, cleanse, and optimize website, app, in-store, and other offline data sources. Utilize combined, ‘full-picture’ data to build omnichannel campaigns personalized to your customers’ buying preferences.

Localized Products and Targeting

Create product sets and audiences based on offline behavioral cues. Gain new customers by targeting audiences with their region’s top sellers. Cross-sell or upsell online after an in-store purchase is made. Or drive foot traffic with store-level ads.

Online-to-Offline Measurement

Accurately attribute in-store sales to your Facebook campaigns. Get granular breakouts of in-store metrics or set up combined performance metrics to show overall omnichannel performance.