RentPath – 21% More High-Value Leads With Dynamic Ads For Real Estate

The Children’s Place – Automated Prospecting Outperforms Retargeting – 2.5x ROAS with Dynamic Ads for Instagram

Finish Line – 49x More Sales with Automated Prospecting – 10x ROAS with the Facebook Collection Ad Format

JBL achieving 3.4x ROAS – Twitter Case Study

SA Company increased traffic and sales – Instagram Case Study

Shinesty – Instagram Case Study with 14x year-over-year sales growth

Grunt Style – Instagram Case Study with a 5.4x ROAS

SA Company increased sales by 37% – Facebook Case Study

How @eBags helps travelers pack their bags with Twitter Dynamic Ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads cruising with 2X higher revenue than non-branded paid search keywords

Instagram Dynamic Ads driving 82% decrease in cost per purchase, 36x ROAS for site visitors, 200x for abanded cart

StitcherAds Overview

Hippie Runner – Increased online sales by 7X using carousel ads

Shinesty – 14x Year-Over-Year Sales – 3–4X return on ad spend and 4X increase in product shipments

Rhone – Increased Revenue by 175% Year Over Year

Rhone increased revenue by 175% year-over-year using Dynamic Product Ads.

Lolly Wolly Doodle – Increase Revenue by 32%

The online clothier used dynamic product ads to retarget loyal customers and reach new audiences, leading to a 32% increase in revenue and a 27% increase in checkouts.

Facebook Dynamic Ads Strategy eGuide

Download the new Facebook dynamic ads strategy eGuide and learn how to use dynamic product ads.

Facebook Dynamic Cross-Sell Ads

Munchery – Featured Facebook Case Study

Local gourmet ready-to-eat food service uses granular geo-targeting to find new customers when entering a new market, generating 70% of new leads through Facebook pre-launch. – Featured Facebook Case Study

The UK designer furniture brand achieved a phenomenal 3.5X increase in its return on investment by using dynamic product ads to retarget its customers with unprecedented relevance.

Joseph Nogucci: 7x Return on Ad Spend for Bracelet Campaign

The specialty retailer used carousel ads to share how its product works with potential customers, achieving up to a 3X lower cost per click and increasing sales.

Maxus: How to successfully scale client media spend and deliver great results through Facebook Advertising

Read how Maxus successfully scaled client media spend and delivered great results through Facebook Advertising.

TrackR: Rapidly Scaling Ads that Perform on Facebook & Increase RoAS by 40% in One Month

Read how TrackR increased RoAS by 40% in one month using StitcherAds Increases RoAS by 160% with Product Ads

Read how increased RoAS by 160% through Dynamic Product Ads.

Self-Serve Direct Response Advertising on Facebook for Retailers [eGuide]

Download the Self-Serve Direct Response Advertising on Facebook for Retailers [eGuide].

JewelScent Facebook Advertising Success

JewelScent uses StitcherAds to achieve success with Facebook advertising.

Secret Sales: How to acquire new customers on Facebook in short timeframes

Read the case study to learn how Secret Sales acquired more customer through Facebook in a short timeframe.

StitcherAds Dynamic Product Ads Flow

Facebook Ecommerce Advertising Strategy [eGuide]

Download: ‘Facebook Advertising Ecommerce Strategy [eGuide]’. Download now.

JewelScent: Increased Revenue by 56% Using StitcherAds

Read the case study to learn how JewelScent scaled spend by 44% and increased revenue by 56%.

7 Top Tips For Social Media Advertising [checklist]

Download 7 Top Tips For Social Media Advertising

A Brand is Not Just For Christmas… 5 Post-Holiday Advertising Tactics [eGuide]

Download: 'A Brand Is Not Just For Christmas... 5 Post-Holiday Tactics [eGuide]'

Christmas Online Advertising Success [eGuide]

Download Christmas Online Advertising Success.

7 Top Tips for Social Media Advertising [eGuide]

Download 7 Top Tips for Social Media Advertising.

How to Grow Revenue & Thrive In Flash Sales [eGuide]

Download the Online Buying Behaviour Report- 8 Consumer Insights That You Didn’t Know.

Interview with Declan Kennedy, CEO StitcherAds

In this video, Steven Pritchard, FT interviews Declan Kennedy, CEO StitcherAds. They discuss the StitcherAds platform, the disruptive nature of Flash Sales and customers that are improving ROI with StitcherAds.

SportPursuit Case Study: How to Scale Direct Response Ads in the Facebook Newsfeed

Read the case study to learn how we reduced by more than 50% the amount
 of time it takes SportPursuit to get campaigns live.

Facebook dynamic retargeting ads

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Online Buying Behaviour [Report]

Download the Online Buying Behaviour Report- 8 Consumer Insights That You Didn’t Know.

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