Drive Performance with Online-to-Offline Personalization

Peter is a typical consumer in today’s world. He’s presented with a large number of options, following an unclear path to purchase, and facing content overload. How do you get your ads to cut through the noise?

Show him the right product at the right time with the right buying options.

StitcherAds uses online, mobile, and in-store data to provide accurate online-to-offline measurement, surface valuable insights, and optimize your campaigns for the omnichannel customer.

Using StitcherAds, you’ll be able to:

  • Seamlessly upload in-store data – Transfer offline data from your back-end EPOS, digital receipts, CRM, and loyalty systems 18x faster than a direct API integration.
  • Create optimized audience segments – Leverage in-store product and profitability data to create optimized audience segments and product sets, allowing you to better position the right products to the right people.
  • Build strong, more impactful creative – Create millions of custom images or videos instantly. Localize creative with best selling products by region — proven to increase omnichannel ROAS by 65%.
  • Unlock advanced omnichannel reporting – Access combined offline and online metrics that Facebook native tools do not support. Analyze success with third party tracking, custom metrics, and custom attribution tailored to your business.


90% of all retail sales still occur in-store.

So, why optimize your campaigns based on the 10% of online data?


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