RoundTable – Get Personal: The Shift from Traditional to Social Media Advertising

You’re invited to Join StitcherAds and BWG for a special roundtable.

May 12th, 12PM EDT

Today’s advertisers must be more nimble, reactive, and innovative than ever before. While once upon a time, advertisers could slowly touch on shoppers using traditional techniques such as print and television, nowadays brands must adopt advertising that is flexible, personalized, and localized. Those that have not adapted are being left behind.

Join this roundtable for a discussion about how brands are shifting their strategies to digital and advertising to their consumers using social media’s flexible platforms. Plus, hear insights into how brands are using paid social to deliver one-to-one advertising experiences.

Key learnings:

  • Understand how brands are digitizing print circulars and catalogs to adapt for younger and technologically savvy users.
  • Learn how retailers and brands are collapsing the funnel to better meet customer expectations.
  • Hear the ways that digital advertising is offering brands more flexibility than ever before to react to environmental challenges and opportunities in near real-time. 




Conor Ryan, CIO and Co-Founder StitcherAds

Bill Williams, CEO, BWG Strategy