StitcherAds Named Official Facebook & Instagram Creative Partner

Developing personalized, on-brand creative at scale just got easier.


StitcherAds was officially badged as a Facebook & Instagram Creative Partner this week – filling a need in the retail marketing space. Read on to learn how the StitcherAds Creative Studio is helping retailers automate their content creation, optimize ads, and measure results.


Enabling powerful creative at scale

The StitcherAds Creative Studio provides advertisers with the ability to create templates for their dynamic ads using static elements (like shapes, texts, and logos) and feed-based elements. This allows retailers to pull any piece of data within their feed and automatically overlay it on dynamic ads. For example, an athletic retailer could use the StitcherAds Creative Studio to display a specific item’s product rating out of 5 in every ad.

All overlays powered through StitcherAds can be tweaked to align with specific brand guidelines.



This comes as no surprise: Video advertising is a hot topic among today’s retail marketers. Some 76% of consumers say they’ve purchased a product or service after watching a video, according to a Brightcove study. However, creating this type of content for thousands of products is challenging, to say the least. StitcherAds’ dynamic video capabilities allow retailers to take assets from their product feed and turn them into engaging videos – instantly. One retailer that works with StitcherAds found that dynamic video ads delivered a 4% higher return-on-ad-spend than ads featuring standard product images.


Powering rules to define how creative is applied and who sees it

Our feed manipulation tool (which we like to call “Max”) enables retailers to take full control over the creative elements that show up within their dynamic ads. Let’s say the athletic retailer we described doesn’t want to show off the rating on products that have been rated anything less than 4 out of 5. Using Max, they can create rules to overlay another element such as “Free Shipping” or a brand name for products with lower ratings.

Automating and digitizing print circulars

Retailers that publish print circulars have historically faced challenges transforming them into digital experiences on Facebook & Instagram. StitcherAds unblocks barriers to convert print circulars into evergreen Instant Experiences. With StitcherAds’ technology, retailers are now able to easily swap out week-over-week or month-over-month promotions within their digital circulars. We can also apply dynamic overlays at the product-level to highlight promotions, special offers, and restrictions.


Supporting optimization with custom measurement and reporting

To ensure retailers are getting it right, the StitcherAds Creative Studio makes it simple to A/B test different creative options. Advertisers can then review results in the StitcherAds dashboard, which integrates results from third-party analytics tools. It also allows clients to create and report on custom metrics, including their customized attribution models.


Serving as a resource with creative development and strategy

In addition to its tech, StitcherAds provides creative support by way of its in-house design team and dedicated strategy managers. It’s almost like an extension of an in-house marketing team – lending a creative hand from start to finish.


Want to learn more about how StitcherAds can help you clear the creative roadblocks you’re facing on Facebook & Instagram? Reach out to our team! We’d love to chat.


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