Best Practices

The Holiday Rush: How Inventory Management Tools Can Prevent Supply Crush

We know that the retail world is buzzing right now in anticipation of the holidays. This year stands out amongst the crowd in many ways. One big difference is that many brands are worried about the supply chain, and how to ensure seamless delivery to their customers. 

To account for supply chain issues, we recommend brands implement our inventory management tools within our Media Suite–ensuring that only in-stock products are shown in ads. Inventory management unlocks the ability to manage product feeds in real-time, accounting for accurate numbers of in-stock items.  Facebook technology automatically detects out-of-stock products and excludes them from advertising. The team at StitcherAds can ensure they’re marked correctly. FacebStitcherAds’ technology ensures out-of-stock products and excludes them from advertising. StitcherAds’ Data Suite also enables performance marketers to create smart rules so that their ads do not show products with less than a certain number of items in stock. When the inventory is restocked, StitcherAds Data Solutions automatically updates the ads to start showing products again without triggering the learning phase. Plus, for an added level of control, marketers can layer on inventory data to set rules to exclude and prioritize spend on high inventory.

Alternatively, marketers may want to use low stock as an incentive. Our creative platform offers advertisers the ability to showcase badges or banners on products to indicate data such as low stock, number of items left, back in stock, and more. 

For Brick & Mortar retailers, StitcherAds Dynamic Ads for Retail lets advertisers drive store-traffic campaigns powered by local inventory to only show in-stock products based on the user’s nearest store. This technology uses location data to hone in on where the customer would likely be shopping from. Check out this case study from Christmas Tree Shops to learn more about how they used localized ads to drive store visitation. 

The holidays can be an incredibly hectic time. Luckily social advertising tools are evolving to be smarter, more intuitive, and time-saving– allowing advertisers to cut through the noise and focus on actionable insights. Plus, the team at StitcherAds has been leading strategic innovation to help retailers drive efficiency. Curious to learn more about inventory management? We’d love to walk you through our platform and provide you with a custom plan for staying on top of inventory challenges. Just shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you asap.