WEBINAR | Aired Wednesday, Sep 5 @ 12-12:45pm (GMT+1)

Driving Online & In-Store Results on Facebook & Instagram

Join Facebook, Olapic, and StitcherAds for a 45-minute webinar on how to build omnichannel campaigns on Facebook & Instagram that drive online & in-store results.

Marketers are slated to spend £3.3 billion on social advertising in 2018. Yet, 80% of retail sales still take place offline.

Retailers must bridge the online and offline gap, or risk losing market share to those who do.

Register for this webinar replay, and learn how to:

  • tackle offline measurement of Facebook & Instagram ads;
  • build audiences based on online and offline activity;
  • personalize your ads based on all-channel data;
  • create compelling creatives that encourage preferential shopping.


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